This 10 hour course has been created to exceed Florida's  requirements for all drivers. No one else in the area can offer a more complete driving experience. This is what separates us from any other Driving School. Parents, if you are concerned about your son's or daughter's ability, let us fill in the gaps you may have over looked. It's what we do!! So whether you are a new driver or a seasoned driver,  you will have learned more than you thought possible through this course. Let us show you how! As an added bonus you may be entitled to an insurance discount, depending on your carrier. This course can be taught one-on-one, or if you are on a budget we would be happy to schedule your driving with another student making it more economical for you. This class requires a permit, or a current license. Pick up and drop off is available. Some restrictions apply.         
We take great pride in this course. This is where both you,  and the instructor get to show your stuff! No range driving here! This is the real deal! On the road, behind the wheel. We go from parking lot maneuvers, to interstate driving, but don't worry, we won't overdrive you. We will systematically take you through the easy stuff, and move  you to more challenging skills at your own pace. Regardless of how you drive now, after taking this course you will become a more skillful and knowledgeable driver. Let us help!!


This 2 hour course is designed for all ages, who wish to obtain their Florida State Driver's License. We will provide a 1 hour driving lesson that includes all the road test skills the state requires. We will then proceed to the D.M.V., where you will use our car for your road test. To take this course, you must possess a current Learner's Permit. Pick-up and drop-off is available. Some restrictions apply.         
The day is finally here. You are going for your Road Test!! You'll be nervous. That's O.K. You are supposed to be. This is the next level of your life. It is the greatest independence you will every know. If successful , you will get to go when and where you want, by yourself, or with your friends. Let us help!!  





This 4 hour class is created for first time driver applicants of all ages, and meets the requirements by law for obtaining your learners' permit. Great pre-licensing course for the new driver. For you, the new driver, this is an exciting time in your life. Let's face it, you've been driving all your life just by paying attention to your Mom or Dad's driving, you just didn't have the wheel. (Hopefully they were good drivers.) Now you are going to get your chance. For your parents, this is a terrifying time in their life, so try to be understanding if they seem to be a little nervous. Let us help!!